Indie Cup S’21

Whisper Trip

Walnut LLC

Main Idea

Fast, dynamic, cooperative action side-scroller with elements of cyberpunk in which you kill and die with one blow.

Main Description

Whisper Trip is a fast cooperative action side-scroller with a touch of cyberpunk. You’re a newly recruited TPF agent. Who just learned that TPF stands for Tactical Police Force – an anti-terrorist squad with an obvious mission to eliminate criminal groups…

Katanas… Who does not like those curved blades? Especially the thermal katanas ready to slash anyone or anything in a split second? But beware of your enemies; they aren’t stupid and they are unique in their own pecular way. You will learn to treat them as equals; and invent a special approach to each.

Cut them as regular chickens, evade their lunges, repel their bullets, adapt yourself, and listen carefully….

You will soon find out the benefits of cooperation with your partner. Do not hesitate to ask your trusted fellow agent to help you out of this mess.

This story is rich with unexpected twists and turns, where each move leads to profound consequences… Think before you act!

Cool music that will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

About Developer

There are 3 people in our team. We started studying the game engine about 3 years ago. We worked together on another project in another company.

Andrey — artist, animator
Vasily "Jaytheorist" — game designer, art director.
Ivan — programmer

Our last project was a horror game, we really like this genre, but we decided to try to create a game in a different genre and with more complex mechanics.
We really like to play games, especially new ones, probably from this we have an interest in developing video games.