Where is my mom


Main Idea

Mixed genre game.

Main Description

Where is my mom

The game tells a story about the fate of a girl who was kidnapped. Waking up in the house, she does not understand how she got there.
All she wants now is to escape from captivity and find her family.

This is a side-scrolling game. The chapters are divided into stories that differ in gameplay and mechanics.


The game has a stealth mechanic. When exploring locations, we will have to hide from the maniac, distract him various objects and make you open closed doors to explore and find the right tools.


The main mechanics of the game are puzzles. Their difference between themselves directly depends on the chapter of the passage.
We have to solve difficult tasks for which, it usually takes quick wits.


There are also elements of horror in the game. A frightening environment that instills a sense of anxiety and fear tense atmosphere of agonizing expectation that a maniac will find us.

About Developer

We make games of mixed genres and mechanics. We make games on UE4, drawing ideas from everything. We have a lot of ideas and a lot of projects in front of us, one of them is almost finished)) Only 2 people in the team.