Project Introduction

Weltreich is a humorous political strategy simulator where you run the state by interacting with characters. Each of your decisions will necessarily entail a result. The game raises topical problems of the modern world, politics, society and humanity in general.

After the apocalypse, only 3 bunkers survived, in the place of each of which a state arose. To the right of the player, monarch Vasily Pynkin is building an authoritarian state, while to the left, the utopian Mac Prosko embodies utopia and cosmopolitanism. Which side do you prefer? Will you cooperate with a dictator, utopianism, or will you choose your own, special path? Will you be able to build your own state, or will you start a war? Will you manage to hold on to power, or will you have to hand it over to the oppositionist? Develop your own political strategy in this post-apocalyptic simulation game!

Answer journalists' questions on behalf of the president, create an army of cyborgs, balance between rating and wealth, cooperate with the heads of other states in a hexagon strategy! Dictator or President? Develop your country in a liberal or authoritarian vector.

- Resurrect dead citizens with religion
- Or sell them to Satan
- Read the newspaper
- Create army and defend the border from the dictators
- Many endings

About Developer

I have been developing a game in one person since the beginning of 2019. The game was originally developed for the пфьу офь TWG 13.