Project Introduction

PvP strategy in a real setting of the 50-80s, with very fast battles, card mechanics for pumping units, and an unusual deck-building in a mini-game on a strategic map.

Assemble a squad by capturing points in a strategic mini-game with a battle royale component:

* Prepare a resource base by capturing factories and warehouses
* Using the resources obtained, recruit as many new recruits as possible
* Retrain recruits into advanced soldiers, or put them on military equipment
* Search points and collect combat gear - grenades, upgraded ammo, or special abilities
* Hurry up to withdraw as many troops as possible from the map before it is covered by a dangerous Red Zone

Test the assembled squad by fighting in fast PvP battles against other players:

* Withdraw the troops of the squad at your request - the entire squad is available at once, without random drops of cards
* Attack with the right counter-units and give target designation to your troops for greater efficiency
* Use equipment - throw grenades at the enemy, call air strikes

About Developer

A team of one person who started making games from a student's bench. Specialization - strategy and arcade games.