«Защитники Вокселии» — это микс классических игр в жанре «защита башнями» и заимствований из других жанров, например, rogue-lite.

Так же в игре присутствует разветвлённая система диалогов с вариативностью в ответах, и сюжетом в жанре юмористичесого, приключенческого фентези.

На данный момент в игре полностью реализована «классическая» часть, включая:

  • 6 базовых башен различных типов;
  • Система апгрейдов этих башен, каждая имеет уникальный вид и характеристики;
  • Выбор апгрейдов на 4-м уровне, с определением какую из двух уникальных башен выбрать;
  • Система активных умений;
  • Система пассивных улучшений;
  • Система диалогов;
  • 4 различных видов карт (замок, северные королевства, кладбище, болота);
  • Множество различных врагов.

Project Introduction

Voxelia Defenders is a mix of classic games of Tower Defense genre with a mechanics from other genres such as, for example, rogue-lite games.

The game also contains system of dialogues with a variations in answers what would lead to different, "branched" dialogue and a story build as humorous, lite-mood phantasy.

At the current stage the game already has the following "classic" systems implemented:

  • 6 basic types of towers;

  • System of towers upgrades, each of upgrades has its unique look and stats;

  • Upgrades "fork" on the 4th level of towers letting player choose which unique tower they wants to build;

  • System of active skills;

  • System of passive upgrades;

  • Dialogue system;

  • 4 different types of maps (castle, northern kingdoms, graveyard, swamp);

  • Lots of various enemy monsters;

About Developer

The team of the project is kinda small. 1 constant member plus various part time contractors that are being hired from time to time to cover various tasks like splash screen creation, bugs fixes etc.

At the current moment the project development is and indie hobby beside main job as product manager in a game-dev company. In a perfect case scenario the project would be a start for an indie-studio which would support, develop and grow Voxelia, DLCs for at, next parts of the game and some spin offs.

Sources of inspiration are other indie games, fantasy and sci-fi, desire to create unique projects that would stand out not only with gameplay features but also with some graphics. Because of the chronical under financing it's a really tricky task to achieve this effect :D