Project Introduction

Vostok 2061 is a top-down shoot ‘em up where you have to conquer the distant corners of the universe skillfully using a variety of weapons earned as you progress through the game.
You are a young graduate of an aviation school, who, by assignment, got to the distant frontier of the developed area of the Universe. Now you have to go the path from a rookie to an experienced pilot, who is destined for great battles in the name of Humanity.

Game features:

- 9 colorful levels. Explore diverse and unique worlds
- Earn points and exchange them to enhance the power of your war machine. After passing each level, it becomes possible to acquire a new type of weapon. Learn to use your arsenal effectively. You will have an impulse gun, the missiles, a plasma gun, the mines, the homing shells, a laser gun, a protective energetic shield, and finally you will have Perun's Exhaletion!

Also in the game:

- Destroy the bosses
- Accompany and protect cargo ships
- Free captured Earthlings and other creatures
- Find secrets
- Enjoy!

About Developer

I live in Kyiv. I'm working on the game alone. This is my first game.