Veliri is a game about resource management, logistics and battles. Complete missions, get resources or engage in transportation to improve your car. Fight on the battlefield to bring victory to your faction. Do research and study the world to solve the main mystery of the planet.

  • Live world - even if there are no players, the game will play itself. Fighters will attack sectors, transports will transfer resources, builders will build structures, guards will patrol and scout signals, and the cabbage will continue to grow.

  • A dangerous world - players need to think about logistics, making mistakes they risk being left without fuel and ammunition surrounded by enemies! Which will lead to the destruction of all the property that he has with him.

  • Complete freedom of action - the player can extract resources, explore anomalies, fight for sectors, complete missions to attack transports, rob other players, make friends and even play politics.

  • Real-time battles depend on the abilities and only after that the equipment and skills of the character.

  • The economy is completely subordinated to the actions of the players. All cases, equipment, ammunition and other items are created only by players. Resource extraction, processing and production is on the shoulders of the players. Thus, all the items inside the game are the result of the players ' game and they themselves assign prices to them.

It is also worth noting the "fast games" that are made in the style of session games where you can immediately plunge into combat without fear of losing your body and weapons after death. Session games have several battle modes for pvp and cooperative mission passing.

About Developer

Hi everyone, my name is Robert I am engaged in software development. I started playing the game exclusively for academic purposes but after some time I got involved and now I'm trying to drag it to the release )

I am the only one directly in the team, I perform the role of a developer and a game designer. When I have the opportunity I order everything on a freelance basis that I can't do myself and since I work with the same guys, we can say that they are part of the team

- Artist: Константин Кеменов
- Text / Missions: Андрей Бабиченко
- Composer/sound designer: Антон Вильгоцкий

Since the game started for academic purposes, for development, I chose a strange stack of technologies from the point of view of game development, partially developed my own game engine, and the game itself changed its development from genre to genre until recently. I was engaged in the development in my free time and it took about 4 years (the first commit was on September 24, 2017, according to the C git :), during this time I realized that making games is not so easy =)