Project Introduction

The action takes place in an alternate universe where magic and science existed. The era of the Middle Ages, the dominant race of cyber undead destroyed everyone, but an order was created ready to act against them. Plague doctors have become a new hope for people and they were able to develop not only healing skills. The main role will be played by a doctor with great combat experience, during his short life he managed to lead this order and develop many tools that will cleanse this world of the mechanical plague

About Developer

my name is Maxim. He will be 33 years old already. I work as a tattoo artist, I am an architect by education, I love to develop games in my life. My colleague is a programmer Mikhail. He is quite young, but he is the kind of person you can rely on. We have been making games for the third year. Of course, not everything is perfect, sometimes we argue, sometimes we take a break from projects, but we are united by one goal, so we never give up and move only forward.