Indie Cup W’21

Unbidden Friends

Fidelity Games

Main Idea

Casual game with mechanics tied to the physics of interaction with characters and obstacles.

Main Description

Unbidden Friends is a casual game with game mechanics based on the physics of interaction with characters and obstacles on the levels. The goal of the game is to help the main character (hamster) throw out uninvited guests from his house. Each type of enemy has its own abilities and features, and the game levels are combined by different settings (which are "fantasies" of the main character).

About Developer

The team consists of two people who are good friends since childhood. Given the long-standing love of games, half a year ago we came up with the idea to try developing our own games.

The current project is our first game. We don't have a lot of experience in the main areas of development, but we more than make up for it with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation. So far, everything is flexible in the distribution of tasks - everyone does what is necessary, depending on the situation. In the future, we plan to share it on programming/ analytics and game design / art components.