Project Introduction

In the second half of the 21st century, large corporations have thrown off the shackles of law and morality and have become independent of governments. Moreover, they have become states in themselves.

In the absence of a deterrent, industrial espionage, theft of technology, and assassinations of competitors have become frightening. A full-scale war for information, technologies, and resources is unfolding in the midst of everyday life.

There was only one opposition to the new masters of the world, and it was the Anonymous Arbitration Agency (Triple-A), an independent secret service, created to protect the people from corporate madness and to regulate their twilight wars from the shadows. However, the actions of Triple-A crossed too many red lines - the unknown assailants destroyed all their bases and neutralized nearly all the operatives in a swift attack.

Shi, the artificial intelligence that runs the organization, and you are the only survivors. The fate of the Agency and the entire world is in your hands. Together with Shi, you must revive Triple-A, track down the mysterious enemies that destroyed your comrades, and strike back against the powerful corporations.

1. Dungeon Crawler in an unusual setting of spy cyberpunk: tactical turn-based battles, dangerous missions and irreversible death of agents in a stylish entangled with spy networks world of high technology.

2. Original art style: immerse yourself in the atmosphere of cozy Russian cyberpunk.

3. The power of the word: the future of the Agency and the entire world depends not only on the decisions made on the battlefield but also on the position that you maintain in interactive dialogues with characters.

4. Squad for any playing style: 8 unique agent specializations, with their advantages and disadvantages, as well as a flexible system of class development and synergy of skills between specialists are available to you. Gather the right squad for you from hundreds of possible combinations of units.

5. Think ahead: the missions are dynamically bound, and the complexity of completing global missions and the number of rewards depend on the decisions you make. Take risky decisions or act carefully, but remember - the cost of a mistake can be high!

6. Each agent is an individual: monitor the level of stress and loyalty, take into account their fears and quirks, as well as the relationships in the squad. This can save you from the mission failure, specialists leaving the Agency, or dying.

7. The Old Guard in the state of the Agency: engage for service 8 legendary agents from the special ops "Mediator" and use their unique abilities.

8. In the era of cyberpunk, energy is as needed as oxygen: provide agents with enough batteries to recharge before the mission; otherwise, weapons and implants will be disabled, some skills will become unavailable, and the сomm for connecting the squad with you will stop working.

About Developer

Gamedev studio from Moscow founded by Sergey Golubkin (ex-Nival and Ubisoft producer, known boardgames designer) and Slava Utochkin ( producer, gamedev education in HSE founder) in 2019.

We focus on deep stories, new original worlds, creative mechanics.