Indie Cup W’21

Trigon: Space Story


Main Idea

Space rougelike strategy with RPG elements and active pause.

Main Description

Space rougelike adventure. Take a chance to become a space ship captain and lead your own crew, make pivotal decisions, and inevitably win tactical battles. Uncover the mysteries of the galaxy, among which the star of Trigon, the most sinister and enigmatic one.

Epic battles

Enjoy epic ship battles in the most wonderful parts of the universe. There is a deadly space ship with multiple combat subsystems at your disposal. Just don’t forget that it’s important to take care both of the ship and the captain. Since it’s you who are the captain!

Tactical victory

Secure a tactical victory by using your crew’s unique abilities. Send your landing force to unexpectedly board the enemy’s ship, or be savvy enough to exploit your crew members’ abilities and take control of the other party’s ship without damaging its valuable cargo.


Apply the unique features of your units as well as powerful abilities that will get you unmatched advantage over the enemy. Complete key quests and win bosses to enjoy even more abilities turning each gaming session upside down — like extrasensory perception, telepathy, hacking, battle fury, and many more to go!

New Adventure Each Time

All and everything can be generated: space clashes, events with various outcomes, as well as social interaction of the crew. Each game follows a different path, and each time you can take on a new role. You can play a good-hearted captain eager to save the world today, whereas the next day may turn you into an evil pirate killing and robbing everyone on your way. Or you might want to try a role of a soldier of fortune hired by a large corporation and doing things only for money. Whatever your choice of today is, your flight experience will be unique.

Rich History of the World

The Universe is inhabited by:
- Savvy and adventurous Humans
- Warmongering and dangerous Rakkhs
- Sophisticated and supercilious Etari
- Mysterious and shrewed Taertikons

These are the key races, with their own peculiarities, ships, and mindsets each. Apart from major races, there are representatives of different parties in the game like space pirates not avert to profit off of a space traveler they come across; soldiers of fortune, or venators, stalking the galaxy and hunting you; merchants ready to trade everything and everyone for their own hand — and it’s just a few to name.

Each race boasts its own history and has its own opinion about the things going on in the galaxy. Are you taking their stand or choosing your own path? It’s up to you!


Space stations, deserted colonies, a space ship that disappeared long ago… You can encounter anything at all! Your exploration is, however, bound to risk-taking — who knows what your decisions would lead to.

About Developer

Initially, there are two of us.

We have a goat farm and we are making goat cheese for living. When we were kids, we would play our favorite video games for hours. We grew up, but nothing has practically changed – we still enjoy our hobby. Just like you do, we have a list of favorite games. Among them is FTL. It seems, only yesterday we played it after classes, however, ten years have passed. We waited for the sequel, but, unfortunately, the authors announced there wouldn’t be one. And that’s how we decided to make a dream game ourselves. We’ll try to make the perfect sequel, keeping the best and adding things that were missing.

If we are amateurs, we invited and assembled a team of specialists with experience in the industry. Now we have 7 people, but there are still a couple of guys who are attracted from the outside. We are based in Yoshkar-Ola, we will be glad to see you visiting us. We will treat you with cheese, give you real milk, and talk about games.