Project Introduction

Trigon: Space Story is a hardcore roguelike strategy game with RPG elements.

You’ll have a devastating arsenal of up to 100 different weapons at your disposal — including lasers, turrets, plasma cannons, space bombs, and combat drones. You can pause the game at any time so you don’t lose sight of things in the heat of battle.

But it’s on you to make the right tactical decisions and capitalize on your crew’s skills — because death is permanent! Only by experimenting with various strategies will you be able to master the challenging combat situations you must face as captain.


Choose from a large selection of spaceships: Will you start your journey in a classic human spaceship, an energy-efficient Etari model, a bio-mechanical Rakkhi vessel, or a high-tech Taertikon craft? As captain, you’re responsible for upgrading the weapons systems and board technology. You can use any resources you obtain to boost your ship’s weaponry.

The crew remains the heart of your ship; skilfully deployed, they will give you the edge you need to win battles. Assign your crew important tasks and always keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind, so that everything runs like clockwork in your next encounter. Don’t hesitate over moral decisions — space doesn’t forgive mistakes!

You’ll have the freedom to roam the galaxy on your conquest campaign: visit space stations, explore abandoned colonies and capture resources. Along the way, you’ll encounter four different races, each with their own characteristics, technologies and philosophies.

Gain experience through quests, sudden events and tactical space battles and bring your newly acquired skills to bear against your enemies.

The procedurally generated universe and dynamic events guarantee you a refreshingly different adventure every time. This, along with a sophisticated endless game mode, makes Trigon: Space Story highly replayable.

  • Hardcore roguelike strategy game with RPG elements

  • Action-packed tactical space battles

  • Thrilling single-player story campaign

  • High replayability with procedurally generated universe

  • Endless decision-making possibilities

About Developer

From goat farmers to game devs! 

We have been working together for a long time around goat breeding and dairy products. All in all, it's quite fun and great to learn all about the types of proteins like casein, albumin, globulin and working with animals. We are truly proud of our products. They are all-natural, tasty and give positive emotions. But video games !? These are worlds apart! The junction of technology and art, which is understandable and accessible to the vast majority of people on earth. Something fun that everyone can enjoy, even without concerns of lactose intolerance ;)

It was based on me and Taras, then we found guys who had experience working on match 3 games and who believed in us and our idea and there were 6 of us. Over time, the state has changed, now there are more of us than ever - 9 people.

I still cannot believe that this is actually happening, and I am very grateful to the Universe that we have found each other to take on this great challenge together.

Amusingly, in no interviews, we asked for technical or practical skills or knowledge. First, because we are unable to assess it because we ourselves do not know. Secondly, personally, I prefer to make the choice of a person, not an instrument. It seems that we did everything right.