Project Introduction

Is an adventure Point & Click game that tells the story of the boy Mick, who receives winning tickets to the robot festival. And gathers friends for a trip. The game will take you through different areas of a futuristic city in which robots perform important tasks. On the way, the main character meets various obstacles from a harsh father to a breakdown of transport. In addition to the classic control with the left and right mouse buttons, a double click on items in the inventory has been added, changing their state.

About Developer

The game is being developed by a team of two people - an artist and a game designer programmer (and everything else). We are located in St. Petersburg. We are not professionals, this is our first project, none of us have made games before.Игра разрабатывается коммандой из двух человек - художник и программист-геймдизайнер (и все остальное). Находимся в Санкт-Петербурге. Мы не профессионалы, это наш первый проект, до этого никто из нас не делал игры.