Виталий Апушев

A mega-corporation has revitalized the development of its long-banned 'Allfather' AI technology, thus indirectly provoking the start of the Third World War. 'Thermonuclear' is the name of the most advanced cyborg ever created, the ultimate weapon your side will use to deal with its opponents. The enemy you will have to face yields yet unmatched power. Complete strategically significant tasks, advance your cyborg, unlock new skills and abilities and enhance your base — only this way you'll be able to defeat the Allfather and end the war.


Key Features

Various builds: Combine four different types of skills, items and companions in order to complete miscellaneous missions and tasks. Find the middle ground between your versatile abilities apt for dealing with every enemy and special tools against specific foes.

Be aware of your surroundings: Base your attack plans on the peculiarities of the terrain or the environment. Push your enemy off a ledge, ignite the grass or put out your character by diving into a puddle. Blow up explosive barrels or slide on ice in order to save the Action Points.

Generated tasks: Complete missions in five locations around the world filled with various mobs. From ruined cities filled with mutants to military bases in the ocean, guarded by soldiers and robots. Different characteristics are valuable at each location.

Upgrade the base: Collect rare electronics, military archives and earn money for the maintenance of the organization. Upgrade different buildings, depending on your needs.

Plot and characters: Communicate with your team members, learning more about the true motives of the parties. Establish communication with certain people, getting benefits from this. Make difficult decisions in the course of the plot, changing the world.

The price of death: Failure of normal tasks entails the loss of a significant amount of funding. Failure of the same story tasks can force you to pass the game from scratch, losing everything, but the player retains the Thermonuclear body improvements between races.

About Developer

I am 17 years old. Less than a year ago I started making games after school. After my first game, which was quite well received by the audience, I realized that gamedev is what makes me tick. Now I am working on my first more or less serious project, which I will publish on Steam.