Топдаун шутер с элементами роуглайк. Вы – один из “участников” секретного правительственного проекта. Погруженный в симуляцию подопытный должен выбраться из городка в момент зомби апокалипсиса, одним из способов, чтобы активировать спящий в нем ген пришельцев. Но в процессе оказывается, что и вы не такой уж простой участник и проект совсем не правительственный…

Project Introduction

Top-down shooter with roguelike elements. You are one of the “participants” in a secret government project. The subject immersed in the simulation must get out of the town at the time of the zombie apocalypse, one of the ways to activate the alien gene sleeping in it. But in the process it turns out that you are not such a simple participant and the project is not at all governmental...

About Developer

The team was formed in the summer of 2018, the main development center is located in Minsk, at the moment there are 15 people in the team.

At first, at the initiative of the investor, we were engaged in various research and innovation, then we decided to choose the most interesting project for the team from the developments and prototypes, which we will monetize - this project became the top-down shooter The Wicked.

For more information about us and our projects, see the interview with UE4 Daily https://ue4daily.com/blog/wicked