Project Introduction

"The Niflhel Day" is a visual novel in which you will have a night walk through the forest. It would seem that what can go wrong? Unless, of course, you are going on a journey on a summer northern night, when the border between the real world and navy, the world of the dead, is as thin as ever. Who can you believe when it seems that you are lost and you will never get out of the forest of your own doubts? But even more importantly – is it worth believing yourself in this situation? Take a closer look at your feet, decide who your friends are, make a choice and, perhaps, you will see the dawn.

In this fascinating and mysterious adventure, you are waiting for:
- seven different endings
- atmospheric illustrations that immerse you in the heart of the night misty forest
- the plot is based on Slavic folk folklore
-... and a cat!

About Developer

We are an international yet small group of friends enthusiastic about this game. Many of us are relatives. That is why our team feels like a family.