Indie Cup S’21

The Last Shot

Rumata Lab

Main Idea

Mix of Machinarium, Valiant Hearts & anime Cannon Fodder.

Main Description

The Last Shot is a platforming adventure game set in a war-ravaged diesel-punk world. Militaristic cities fight endlessly with massive weaponry, all striving to be the last one standing. Rather than your typical hunky superhero, you take on the role of a humble mechanical engineer. You work tirelessly to produce the shells that are almost immediately blasted into a neighboring city’s exposed bits. Hey, it pays the bills.

However, there comes a day when your comfortable routine is interrupted and you are thrust into the outside world on a dangerous journey. To save your friends and the city you love, you must uncover a terrible conspiracy and find a way to put an end to a nefarious plan. Explore the world around you to learn more about its history and lore, solve numerous puzzles, and tinker with machinery and contraptions of all shapes and sizes.

Key Features:

  • Original hand-drawn visuals in the style of old cartoons.

  • Solve unique puzzles using your engineering wits.

  • Use your innate abilities to repair, create, or destroy vital tools and machinery.

  • Master the mechanical marvels you find along your travels. Drive all-terrain vehicles, jetpacks, armored trains, moving platforms, and so much more.

  • Explore a vast and intriguing diesel-punk world, living according to the laws of wartime. Admire the striking technology and architecture as you delve deeper to discover all of its secrets.

About Developer

My name is Denis Sherbakov and I'm making this game together with my friend. We spend practically all our time on development. The Last Shot is our first big project. We are both graduated engineers so we decided to make the game's hero an engineer, too.