The Forked Road

Сергей Савчков

Main Idea

The Forked Road is a story about traveling through a dead world in search of a place to call home.
A mysterious cataclysm in an instant destroyed almost all life, and the world was covered with dust. You are one of the few who could survive. Will you be able to adapt to the new rules and find out the causes of the cataclysm?

Main Description

The Forked Road is an adventure game with stealth action elements. The main features are the variability and crafting of various equipment for the character, which will affect the walkthrough.
The main character is very vulnerable, so to defeat (or bypass) enemies, you will have to be smart. The character also has a special lantern that gives him various abilities, such as slowing down time or the ability to see through walls.

About Developer

There is only one person on the team. I am 20 years old, I am a university student.