Project Introduction

  • Every quest will lead you to a unique world with its own story and rules.

  • Visit mysterious castle dungeons, a drifting spaceship, a desert city among deadly sandstorms. You never know what the next world will be like.

  • Jump between the real world and the world of a book to solve the mysteries set before you. Some solutions might only come to you while you are in the waking world.

Dive into vastly different worlds

As a bookwalker, you possess the unique ability to dive into worlds of books as if they were dreams. However, they are not as immaterial as mere fantasies. Bookwalkers can also bring valuable items from a book into the real world, and that is precisely what your job is

Hunt for powerful artifacts

Travel between worlds of books in search of legendary items of great power. Even though they are not as powerful in your world, you can still find buyers on the black market.

Meet dozens of characters and learn their stories

Visit mysterious castle dungeons, a drifting spaceship, a desert city among deadly sandstorms, and much more. Meet the inhabitants of those places and use them to reach your goal. After all, they are not really alive...or are they?

Find solutions to a plethora of puzzles, some quite… unorthodox

Some problems will make you think outside the box, and some will require you to travel outside of this world. If you are stuck, just wake up at your apartment. You may find something handy there that you can take with you on your journey. In a book, a crowbar may be just as effective against a lock as a key might be...

About Developer

Do My Best is a Russian independent game development studio founded by Oleg Sergeev and Andrey Rumak. The pair debuted their first game, The Final Station, in 2016.