Indie Cup W’21

The Best Postman

Владислав "Cool_Cat" Котович

Main Idea

Upgrade your characters and manage your resources in a more challenging environment.

Main Description

The Best Postman is a mobile arcade game in which the player clicks on the screen to collect letters, hire and upgrade their staff, as well as monitor the budget and the rating of the satisfaction of the population.

Every day, the staff's salary is deducted; the more the player pumps the postman, the more he gets paid. Each letter has a limited time for delivery; after a certain time, it disappears, which leads to discontent among the population. With each new day, the delivery time decreases.

Bankruptcy or complete discontent leads to a defeat.

About Developer

The game is created alone. He was responsible for the code, game design, and asset selection in the Unity Store. Now I am geographically located in Moscow. I started making games a year ago in the hope of getting a job in a game studio. I received a lot of rejections, and decided to try my hand at the competition to gain experience and try to get a job again.