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Tell Some Story: Foz

Pavel Konovalov

Main Idea

Action-adventure + Third person shooter, a story-driven game with a dark atmosphere set in the cyberpunk world

Main Description

Tell Some Story: Foz

Action-adventure + Third person shooter.

The year is 2042, the near future where all cultures and peoples have mixed. The gloomy world of cyberpunk will offer you the role of detective Foz. Random circumstances drag the hero into a showdown between gangs and corporations, where he has to make a choice on whose side he is.

The project will not be able to surprise you with ultimatum mechanics or gameplay innovations, but it will try to keep your attention with an intriguing and rich plot, as well as non-standard visuals and atmosphere. The main task was to create an adult and serious story with contrasting visuals, in which voxel and low poly models are mixed.

The game is hardcore enough, in rare moments of shootouts, you have to show considerable ingenuity to emerge victorious from this or that situation. My advice is to read the tips, because any bullet can be the last one. The plot, which unfolds more and more with each level, will lead you to one of twelve endings, the choice of which will depend only on the player.

Features of the game:
- Action-adventure + Third person shooter.
- Specific voxel / lowpoly graphics.
- Dark cyberpunk theme.
- Extremely detailed characters.
- A cozy bar as a location.
- Intense storyline with twelve endings
- Faithful companions to help you on your adventure.
- Realistic damage system affecting both the player and his enemies.
And much more.

About Developer

Hi, I'm a self-taught solo developer who can't program, my name is Pavel, I'm 33 years old, I live in Russia, more specifically in Samara.

I got a computer in '95 and since then I got carried away with games and of course I wanted to make them, gradually the hobby grew into a dream. And a couple of years ago I matured, and the dream became a goal. In January 2021, I put aside past developments and took on a fresh project, script, models, assets, minimal preparation and I'm in business.

I have always liked 3rd person action games with a plot and atmosphere, I endlessly respect games like Max Payne, GTA 4, Mafia and many others, the games who are not afraid to be adults.

For this project, I was inspired by films of a similar subject, there are many of them, and if you list them all, it will be a rather voluminous text. I just wanna make games, this is my debut project, let's see what I can do.