Project Introduction

Surreal Deal is a unique narrative-driven comedy/slice-of-life game with a heavy emphasis on player's choice.
Try yourself in the role of a store clerk named Al.

The game consists of two main parts: abstract world, where selling is occurring and real world, where all the life are happening. You have almost two weeks on the job — 8 working days with a new customer each, and 2 days off to spend some time on yourself and others.

Help Al him reason with surreal customer’s out-of-this-world logic: choose the right item, negotiate, and see for yourself what happens. Will the customer be satisfied? Happy? Violent? Will they pay and how? Every situation has lots of different outcomes for you to discover. And after a not-so long shift in the unknown you can relax, hang out with your friends and coworkers. An abstract-enthusiast boss, ready-to help smoke break pal, his entire family, mysterious people from the internet… Will you help them or scare them? Present another world as dangerous or just quirky?

About Developer

We formed SunSoup as a team while working on a project for a small-sized game jam. We are a duo of old friends who just happened to have similar goals and vision, and wanted to work together for a while. There were three major inspirations for the game concept: so-called “cursed” photos from across the web, early 2000's infomercial aesthetics, and one specific mechanic from the Persona 1&2 games.
Our goal for our debut game is to highlight the simple joy of life. To show how and why people react to the unknown —the ways they learn to co-exist with “another”.
We enjoy mixing and matching different art styles and mediums together, working with a limited set of tools to achieve truly surreal results.

SunMelt - music/sound design, pixel art, stop motion and 3D.
Tanoyu  - digital and taditional art, dialogue and code.