Indie Cup W’21


isakov studio

Main Idea

SUPER STORM - First-person action that combines parkour, fast pacing, epic soundtrack and dangerous traps in the destroyed worlds from the apocalypse!

Main Description

Start your exciting adventure in the new 2021: SUPER STORM!

The game combines parkour, fast pacing, epic soundtrack and dangerous traps in the destroyed worlds from the apocalypse!

You will experience the full danger of a global catastrophe in the first person.

In search of a new world between portals, you have to go through a difficult path consisting of deadly traps, ferocious dinosaurs and boiling lava.

Test your skills in time dilation zones, acceleration boosters and trampoline jumpings.

Game features:

★ Excellent graphics with detailed environment and atmosphere.
★ Various traps. From hidden spikes to huge dinosaurs.
★ Various locations and times of day. From ruined cities to ancient ruins.
★ Original authentuc soundtrack. The music is written to the pace of the game. Sophisticated ambient sounds.
★ Optimized 3D graphics with the ability to change the settings.

About Developer

Hello everyone, my name is Ilya and I develop games under the brand "Isakov studio".

I live in Saint-Petersburg and I started making games 2 years ago. The first time, I'd say I learned how to create games (working in the engine, coding, animation and a huge list of other "pitfalls"). Every day I posted in all my progress in my Vkontakte group. Thus I gathered a small audience, as well as I got acquainted with several creative guys, one of which is a composer, who later will join the creation of SUPER STORM.

SUPER STORM is my first game to be released. I developed it together with the composer sinX (Michael). Funny thing is that he also lives in St. Petersburg, but we never met in person :D.

When the project reached the alpha stage I invited people to test the game. The artist HermanBor drew the logo (with this artist we are working on another game and with the composer). Before the game's release they helped me with the localization into some languages (originally it was a machine translation).

For now, the game is only available on Android. In the future, I plan to launch it on iOS, PC. By April I am preparing the first update with new content. Now I'm simultaneously working on two other games that are planned for multiplayer. If everything goes well, SUPER STORM will also be multiplayer.