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Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom

Starni Games

Main Idea

Our game features the combination of classic wargame features with lots of narrative and modern graphics. Our goal is to show the WW2 events from all sides of conflict and allow the players to witness the Headquarters inner workings by playing as one of historical figures.

Main Description

Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom is a history-driven turn-based strategy set in WW2. Take command of the Allied forces and protect your homeland and the whole of Europe from totalitarian madness.

Fight across Europe, Africa, and Burma. Will you spend the time on proper reconnaissance before the attack, or rely on aggressive tactics? Will you use night time or rain to your advantage, sneaking up on enemy positions, or just complain that the weather was unfavorable? Will you help the locals or leave them to their fate? It is up to you to save the stronghold of Democracy and Freedom in Europe from the totalitarian oppression of the Axis powers.

The game has 2 campaigns: the British one features fully historical battles, while the US one has historical operations up to the defeat of Germany and also features a number of alternate history battles against the USSR afterward. It is created with great care and attention to historical detail by a team that is passionate about WW2 history.

Lead the British Army as Sir Harold Alexander
Go all the way from Norway landings to the liberation of northern Italy. Command your troops in bitter defeats and in the moments of triumph. Take charge of the Dunkirk evacuation. Fight the Japanese in Burma, and Italians in Africa. Turn the tide of war against Germany at El Alamein. Finish the war in North Africa and lead the victorious landing in Italy in 1943.

Lead the US Army as General Dwight Eisenhower
Go all the way from D-Day landings to the fall of Berlin. Ensure the success of Operation Market Garden, repel the last German offensive at the Ardennes, and strike the killing blow into the heart of the Reich. Then move into the alternate history of 1946 and face your strongest adversary yet - the Red Army. Command US and Allied forces and minimize your losses. Employ the units of all Allied and liberated countries to achieve maximum synergy. Exploit all available means to bring Freedom and Democracy to Eastern Europe.

Take part in historic events
Make sure all of your troops manage to escape the Dunkirk trap. Show the Italian troops they should choose their allies more carefully by conducting operation Compass flawlessly. Change the course of the entire war in Africa by defeating Rommel in the Second Battle of El-Alamein. Go back to Europe by landing in Italy. Commence the D-Day landing and fight your way to Berlin to put an end to the Nazi regime and its crimes.

Sate your curiosity of alternate history flow
What would have happened if the Allies had to go to war against USSR in 1946, following the ideas of Operation Unthinkable? Now you can take the lead and explore such possibilities. Free the Eastern European countries from Communist rule!

Meet the top brass.
The gameplay is plot-driven and features many historical personalities such as Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harold Alexander, Bernard Law Montgomery, Dwight D. Eisenhower, George S. Patton, and others.

Gameplay features:
- Enjoy the narrative-driven gameplay with lots of dialogues between the historical characters throughout each operation. The dialogues are affected by your actions. Dive deeper into the events of 1939-1946 by watching plot-driven cinematics before and after every operation.
- Manage your Army. Choose the composition of your forces. Acquire new units, upgrade or dismiss the outdated ones. There are 10 unit classes available in the game, with lots of models in each.
- Upgrade your units to newer models. Get new unit models as soon as they become available. As the campaign progresses you gain access to more advanced units at historically accurate periods.
- Choose the best equipment for each operation. Make sure that your forces have all the necessary tools for the upcoming battle. All units can employ various equipment and transport.
- Train your troops and choose new abilities for them. Oversee your forces getting combat experience and choose news skills for them that best suit your strategy and tactics.
- Assign heroes to the units of your choosing and get access to special skills. All heroes are real historical personalities.
- Learn new HQ skills before every operation and use your newly-acquired knowledge to make a difference on the battlefield.
- Capture the best enemy units and add them to your forces. Then crash the enemy using his own strength.
- Study the battle map and take advantage of 3D graphics, featuring volumetric terrain and physically-simulated movement of units. All units are very detailed representations of real models.

About Developer

Starni Games was founded in 2015 in Kyiv (Ukraine) by Ihor Tymoshenko – a programmer with 20 years of experience.

In 2012 Ihor together with two like-minded teammates began to work on a browser MMO game – Starghosts. The early version became available in 2013, with a full release in 2015. That is how Starni Games was created. Next year passed in adding more polish and creating additional content for the Starghosts project.

In 2017 Ihor gathered a new team to work on the next big project – the turn-based wargame – Panzer Strategy. In March 2018 the game proceeded to the Early Access phase, with full release following in August. This was accomplished with just 5 people on the team.

The development and release of Panzer Strategy provided invaluable experience and feedback, allowing us to start working
on a new wargame series – Strategic Mind – without repeating the previous mistakes. The new project demanded more people, and the team grew from 5 to 10 people in the office, as the work progressed.

Strategic Mind: The Pacific entered an Early Access phase in April 2019, with full release following in October. In this project,
we introduced very detailed naval combat mechanics and a new cinematics production pipeline.

Right after the Pacific release, we started working on the Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg – the second title in the series. It was meant
as a Panzer Strategy reworked from scratch within the refined set of mechanics of the Strategic Mind series. In Spring
2020 we successfully released Blitzkrieg.

The third title – Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism was released in November 2020. It shows WW2 from the USSR’s
perspective. Our goal is to allow the players to experience World War II events from all major powers’ perspectives.

This leads to our current project – Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom. It will have the United Kingdom and the United States campaigns, covering 1939-1945, plus alternate history operations set in 1946.

Currently, we have 15 people on our team. We work in an open-space office, right next to each other. This allows us to discuss
all arising issues quickly and make decisions on the fly, implementing all sorts of innovative ideas without losing our track.

Right now we are working on the Strategic Mind series of turn-based strategy games set in WW2, with alternate history elements. Strategic Mind titles combine immersive narrative elements, modern 3D graphics and improved mechanics of classic wargames.

We create games with an immersive narrative and deep gameplay. We want you to look at the events from different perspectives
and welcome critical thinking.