Project Introduction

Stinky Crew is a casual Tower Defense game in the setting of a post-apocalyptic future, where anthropomorphic skunks (from Stinkland) fight with anthropomorphic raccoons (from Rinseland). The player takes on the role of the commander of the skunk mortar crew, whose task is to destroy the enemy forces of raccoons, represented by various squads and military equipment.

- Setting of a post-apocalyptic war between anthropomorphic skunks and raccoons
- Easy to learn and exciting game mechanics of controlling the mortar crew armed with stinky launcher 3000
- Story company
- Endless Last Stand mode (in the full version)
- After each mission members of the mortar crew level up and get active and passive skills (in the full version)
- Player can modifying existing and purchasing new models of mortars (in the full version)
- Nice looking game graphics

About Developer

We are a team of indie developers from Moscow WallRus Group. Making games since 2017. More info here: