Project Introduction

Ichor of the Horned God was spilled onto the lands of the Dark Continent, corrupting and blighting everything it touched. Mortal sins have come to possess physical avatars and the people are turning into unholy miscreations. Even the fabric of reality itself has given way to the Curse — it's the hour of the endless night, shattered earth and time loops!

You are a nameless deceased adventurer, brought back to life by a necromancer to put an end to the Curse and end the reign of the Horned God.

Key Features:

Bullethell: Put your dodging and rolling skills to a test and learn how to properly use countless projectile types with various effects and properties.

Boss Fights: More than 15 excruciatingly hard encounters featuring unique gameplay features and scenarios that will have you thinking on the go every second of the battle.

Exploration: Traverse various levels filled to the brim with loot, monsters, secrets and somewhat eccentric companions.

Souls-like Elements: Rest by a bonfire, roll, lose all your gear after death and fight challenging bosses in a grim medieval setting.

About Developer

Hi! I'm developing games alone, I'm still in school at the moment.