Star Story: The Horizon Escape

Evil Corporation Games

Main Idea

An adventure game with survival elements and a choice-matter storyline in a sci-fi wildwest-esque world of the Horizon

Main Description

The archeological research mission faced some unexpected difficulties. Your spaceship crashed. You are sure you have to escape this planet. But how? No one can help you. You are here all alone. Or not? At least you know what you should do next…
Whew, stop.
Please tell us: aren’t you tired of all these boring descriptive texts? We are! So here’s the deal: we show you the way to ease your eyes and mind, and you… Well, it’s up to you to decide!

“Star Story: The Horizon Escape” offers you a perfect way to relax in a sci-fi Wild West-esque world of the Horizon. Want to blow off some steam? Go kick some local monsters *cough* tails. Feel an urge to test your wits and luck? You will have tons of puzzles to solve and decisions to take. Like to make cool shiny things out of nothing? There you go. All the Horizon’s scrap is here for you. Or maybe you just want to meet new people and visit memorable places? You can find a few friends on the Horizon.
Need a 5 minute break? The Horizon is waiting.*
*(And there are also that bunch of sand shrimps to take care of.)

– Reach multiple endings depending on your decisions!
– The Alignment Scale: every choice matters on this incredible journey to the world of Horizon! Choose wisely! Buy additional resources and schematics through alignment gain.
– Old-school turn-based combat mechanics.
– Exploration encounters are just as important as combat clashes. You can be victorious even without fighting anyone! Use gadgets and diplomacy smartly.
– Craft various guns and gadgets to solve riddles and deal with enemies.
*Meet the locals! Whom will you choose? Bandits or traders? Mindless sand shrimps or Church of St. Intellect? Killer-droids or crazy scientists? Maybe you should try to help all dwellers of this dangerous world… It’s up to you to decide!
– Marvelous graphic style!
– Your own base camp where you can heal wounds and craft new tools.

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