Project Introduction

SpellMaster: The Saga is an open world role-playing game set in an epic fantasy universe filled with magic, monsters and mysteries. Take the role of an ambitious wizard who is looking for a way to improve and share his powerful knowledge. In the ruins of a forgotten land, where monsters prowl and robbers hide in the shadows, you will build your own Magic Academy, where you can develop your magic skills, create and manage new faculties and train powerful wizards.

Embark on an amazing adventure in the world of Allyon, explore unknown lands, ancient temples, caves and tombs. Search for ancient artifacts, create new spells, finish countless quests and most importantly – gather a group of faithful magicians like yourself and bring peace to the world of Allyon once again!

Become a legend and the savior of this cursed world – a true Spellmaster about whom the bards will write songs for centuries to come!

Game features:

● Various fighting styles in a detailed combat system.
● Build and rule your very own Magic Academy that will serve as your base of operations and fortress in one.
● Train ambitious young students and recruit famous wizards who will help you in your countless adventures.
● An open and diverse world full of mysteries and populated by incredible creatures and characters with unique personalities and goals.
● Different magic schools that can be combined to match any gameplay style.
● Dynamic Day / Night cycle that directly affects the gameplay.
● Your choices matter: the decisions you make have consequences in the game world.
● Many quests with different ways of completing that lead to different results.

About Developer

I've always wanted to make my own version of Gothic as I've been a fan of it since childhood. I have a lot of experience in game development, so I took on a big project. At different times, the composition of the team was different, sometimes it reached 4 people, but I was always the backbone. For the last year I have been developing the game alone with a little help from friends.

The project was developed at my own expense without outside help and has been in development for 4 years and 1 month, and in February I finally go to release.