Project Introduction

Simple yet complex, challenging but relaxing game to train your brain! Intense levels where you need your wit and sharp mind. Sortator is a fun and addictive casual game. Turn on your full attention, speed and dexterity and sort the colored pieces to the bases of same colors which can be tricky and entangled. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain and reflexes.
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Shine the glow of your glory and boost your brain power! Over 100 levels in exceptional atmosphere. Journey across your mind, sort mysterious objects, get new rewards and opportunities. 


  • All new game experiences

  • Single player game

  • Easy to get into, hard to put down

  • New mechanics every 5 levels

  • Suspenseful atmosphere

  • 100+ Multiple unique level

  • One finger control


  • Google Play and Apple services, with achievements and leader board

About Developer

We are a team of ambitious professionals consisting of Junior and Senior Developers, Graphic Designer, and Project Manager. Each one of us is proficient and enthusiastic expert in his own field. We combined our efforts to create best games which are inspired by life situations.