Это игра об эпохе технологической сингулярности, на пороге которой сейчас стоит человечество. Игра о нашем прошлом или нашем будущем, игра о сражениях космических флотов.

Мобильная стратегия в реальном времени с прекрасной графикой и качественным тактическим геймплеем. Наш проект отлично подойдёт для любителей классических хардкорных стратегий, таких как Starcraft и DOTA.

Мы постарались перенести на экран мобильного устройства всё лучшее от качественных ПК игр: большую уникальную игровую вселенную, множество кораблей и разнообразие их взаимодействий, точный и справедливый микроменеджмент.

Project Introduction

No matter what you do while reading this text, please take your eyes off the screen and look around for a second. Now answer a simple question: where is the reality?
We are living in a new era of technological singularity.

Existance is rushing beyond the horizon of human perception. Universe gonna collapse. This happened in the past.

Now we need to learn how to fix it and fight so that it doesn't happen again. That's what our game for. DISCOVER THE EXCITING UNIVERSE OF SINGULAR SPACE.

About Developer

We are Space Sauce development studio. And we create splendid content. Our team consists of over 30 professional artists, specializing in 3d, 2d and tech art. Feel free to contact us.

We are big fans of digital technology, elegant design and perfectionism in achieving goals. Many years of experience in game development have brought us extensive knowledge in creation of projects of any size and complexity. We are proficient in production of historically accurate assets, sophisticated scenery, spaceships and whole new universes. We are constantly advancing our skills and improving pipelines to create world-class graphics. Our passion is to achieve amazing results in every project and make our clients happy. Let's make 3D great again.