Singing Stones VR

Chingis LLC

Singing stones VR is a quiet walk on the path of a beautiful rainforest.
The game Singing stones VR from the Chingis.VR company has one goal – to immerse you into the virtual reality, to give an opportunity to relax and have a rest in a beautiful, lonely place. Just forget about all the problems that make you accelerate every day to keep pace in life.

By putting on your headset, you isolate from the outside world and its hustle and bustle. A quiet stroll through the picturesque, a bit mystical forest with the relax music in the background will help you to slow down and relieve stress after a hard day’s work.

There are no missions, no problems, you do not need to compete and fight anyone. You will not face any surprises like popping up monsters. Only you, nature and a slow walk in the most beautiful virtual reality possible.

The game has two modes: Exploration and View.
The Exploration mode let you travel along the great territory, collecting magic crystals and getting bonuses, or trust us, and we will guide you to the most beautiful places in the magical forest.
The View mode is a 10-minute walk, designed for meditative contemplation of Nature. With the help of advanced VR technologies, this world lives its own life. Flying butterflies, rain, a ray of sunlight filtering through the foliage of trees – everything is subject to unique rules. You can come back here again and again, and each time the world will be different.

BE CAREFUL: the game mode session must be no longer than 5-7 min
HTC Vive support;
Simple gameplay;
High level of comfort during long stays;
Unique wildlife landscapes;
Regular updates – new locations each month.

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