Project Introduction

The game is not too easy

It is still very fun and fair, but it does require you to put some effort if you want to beat it. It doesn't use any cheap tricks like not allowing more than two enemies to engage at once or always missing their first shot. If you manage to wake up a hundred monsters, they all will be trying to kill you!
There is an easy mode, just in case.


There are some platforming elements

Jumping around cool and beautiful places is very fun, but failing just because you've pushed the jump button for a nanosecond too long or short is not. I want this game to be fun, so platforms are not thin and precision is only required for aiming, not for jumping.

About Developer

Hi, I am Ewan McSandres and video games is a lifetime hobby of mine.

The story is, back in the days there was not enough video games for me to play, so I've decided to learn how to make them. And I did so when I was still in school. After that, I found out that it is software development that I truly love. But I still love video games and it's still not enough out there.