ShredderGuy – небольшое, забавное оффлайн приключение, в котором вам предстоит спасти свою компанию от краха! Ловите и уничтожайте опасные документы, зарабатывайте деньги, покупайте улучшения, получайте достижения

Project Introduction

ShredderGuy is a fun little adventure, where you are to save your company from ruin! Catch and destroy dangerous papers, earn money, buy upgrades, obtain achievements!

About Developer

Hi there! I'm Yuri (Derecstar) and im onto gamedev since 2007. I worked in an animation studio for couple of years. Then i got experienced enough to go freelancing as an artist/animator/art director. This project was a training course for my cousin (Hi, I'm Oleg-Grim, programmer and interpreter) as he started to learn Unity in September 2020 in his free-from-hated-job time, so he would have practice. Not only youtube video tutorials to watch