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Meowton Games

Main Idea

Minimalistic schematic puzzle kinda electric but not so very.

Main Description

— Where did you get electricity?

— We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel in our secret underground lair.


Minimalistic abstract puzzle for all ages.

The game is for those who are not engaged in electroschemes and it tries its best for not to engage. Just control the scheme with different switchers to make it possible to turn on all the lamps on a level. Beat naughty and annoying but cuty bosses-microcontrollers.

Make your brain work in challenges that set additional requirements to complete some levels (it's optional, you can just enjoy the schemes without challenges). The schemes are of the same art style but algorithms of solution are always different and you have to invent it every time (except tutorial levels).

And the cats, of course, they are too adorable to ignore.

About Developer

Coder who codes by himself. I came back to indie after 10 years of a team work — with many skills and three children.