Project Introduction

Evil AI experiments on robots. Help them leave the testing ground by completing all the levels.

This is a physical puzzle quest where the player needs to collect all the gears and leave the level. To win, the player must first assess the level, then make a plan of action and then follow the plan to achieve victory. The game is similar to 2D sokoban, but with platforms, switches, elevators and other mechanisms that can be found on the testing ground. The robot interacts with the mechanisms and observe the reaction to their actions.

Interesting features of the game include:

1 switching between different types of robots, each of which has its own capabilities.

2 interactive environment open for exploration

3 large number of levels. At the moment completed the 1st world with 20 levels. At least 3 more worlds are planned, totaling about 80 levels.

4 levels are built with an eye to both solving complex action sequences and for player entertainment and storytelling.

5 neat pixel art graphic content.

Have a good game!

About Developer


I work alone, because could not find an artist for 3 years of creation prototypes. Therefore, I learned to draw myself (both in a simple casual style and in pixel art), and I lack the skills of a graphic designer to make the levels visually more diverse, but not everything is so bad.

Currently, I am engaged in consistent bringing the existing game prototypes to a sane state. Save You Cogs is the first game I want to complete and release on Steam and Android.

All prototypes can be viewed here

Thank you