Sanya is a 2D narrative adventure about a little boy named Sanya, his dog, his friends and many exciting adventures that await them in a small post-soviet Russian town set in the achingly strange and nostalgic period of the 90s.

It’s a game for everyone who once was a kid. Find and develop friendships that last for life. Enjoy a carefree summer play until mom calls you home for dinner. Vividly remember how it feels to have knee bruises and pine needles stuck in your fingers.

Main features:

  • Fresh take on point-and-click adventure: non-linear world exploration; relationship development with various characters; a little puppy who will help you in all your adventures;

  • Communicate with the world through a child’s perspective. Various mini-games convey the feeling and lived experience of being a kid;

  • Non-linear plot with branching and various endings, which evolves depending on where you’ve been, what you’ve done and who you’ve met;

  • Underrepresented unique setting of post-soviet 90s Russia that evokes strong feelings of nostalgia for a place stuck in time;

  • Stunning combination of 2D sprites with 3D environment and effects like dynamic lighting and volumetric fog;

  • You can pet the dog. Need we say more?

About Developer

Helpnode is a small indie studio founded in Moscow, Russia in 2020 by two friends with a great desire to make great games. We have come together to tell touching stories about our warmest and dearest memories — childhood, friendship, partnership, finding ourselves and exploring the world around us.