Project Introduction


A guy runs forward through the dungeon and punches his enemies in half during autobattles. After each battle he picks up cards that he can use in the next battle, cards can only be used once. Cards can range from “attack the enemy” to “become an ascended GOD for 5 seconds”. There is no dialogue or standard case narrative. You feel the game through its aesthetics. The only bits of narrative are told through subtext. Like suggesting what is really happening through level backgrounds or enemy design.

Rungore is mostly inspired by Slay The Spire and Loop Hero. So combining mechanics from these two games together we achieved constant pressure on the player, which in turn results in clutch plays because the player wants to play optimally. (but there is no optimal plays)

Game Loop: 

player encounters an enemy => either taps into HP and saves cards, or uses cards => becomes weaker before the boss either way => player defeats the boss and picks up artifacts for huge upgrades during the run => player becomes stronger

Genre: Card game, Idle game, Rogue-like


About Developer

We are a team of two buddies who like to joke and make cool games (we are better at the latter)

I'm Evgeny from Moscow, Russia.
My main specialty - product owner
I participate in game development as coder and analyst

Dmitry is a pixel arist. In Rungore - pixel artist and game designer
Dmitriy is from Belarus.

We met in a social network and became friends because of our mutual views on game design, game development and life. We've known each other for more than 3 years.