Project Introduction

Rúinn Zero is a story-rich turn-based strategy set in the world of Av Rúinn, where the sun never shines.

Survive the Journey Across a Dark World

Among its many inhabitants, from furry Bolg and chitin-plated Formar to crystalline Toli'ni, few are born of mothers and fathers. Most crawl out of the dark, fully grown but without any memories. Away from the shining Beacons, the maddening darkness is everywhere, birthing horrors, while the Beacons themselves slowly lull hapless travelers to sleep. Dancing on the edge between the dark madness the bright oblivion is all the dwellers of Av Rúinn.

Master the Power of Color

To have a chance against the horrifying Slaug, you'll need to master the fine art of collecting and using Color. The right Colors can heal your wounds, make you faster and stronger — or else you can use them to unleash powerful and versatile abilities upon your enemies. The choice is always yours, and it matters.

Harness the Darkbound Rage

Although the light of the Beacons allow you and your friends to keep your sanity, a lot can change in the heat of battle. Accumulate enough black Color, and your character will assume its Darkbound form, deadly yet unstable. Control the fury and obliterate your foe.

Witness a Doomed Paradise

The story of Rúinn Zero takes us to a village protected by a mystical power. As the power fades, the horrors of the outside world invade the hidden paradise. Follow the fates of three young villagers:

Koemi of the plantlike Danna, a healer and a thinker,

Shandor, a half-Bolg infested with aggressive parasites that both harm him and help him fight, and

Sula, an autistic girl hiding a heart-wrenching secret.

About Developer

Dannan Games is group of four friends who love playing games and telling stories. We are amateurs. We know it. We make up for it with selfless work and tons of pizza.

Rei Maslov - story, game design

Alex Scrawach - programming

Xena Normandy - art

Kirill Meza - music, sound design