Royal Legacy

Daily Magic Productions Inc.

Main Idea

match-3 puzzle game with RPG features

Main Description

Your kingdom is besieged by Evil! Return home and save it from terror! Royal Legacy is a fantasy adventure game from Daily Magic.

Royal Legacy is a free-to-play match-3 puzzle game with RPG features. Gameplay mixes RPG gameplay with strategy elements. The kingdom of Kadia is in danger and monster hordes have conquered the land. A Young Prince is the hero who can free the kingdom from this evil power. The Player can switch between different heroes, each with unique abilities.
Level up characters, equip different armor and items, and strategy elements allow you to expand the kingdom and construct buildings which provide various bonuses.


Unique and addictive match-3 mechanics (Drag & Drop)
Interesting mix of role-playing game and strategy
Marvelous graphic design
Battles with epic monsters and bosses
Loot treasure chests to get equipment and accessories for heroes
Perfectly balanced hero skills system with leveling
Complete thousands of quests and get awesome prizes

Royal Legacy is a free to play match-3 puzzle game with role-playing features, but it includes in-app purchases. If you do not wish to purchase anything please setup password protection for purchases in your device’s settings.

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