Rotatex 2 самостоятельная история с новыми приключениями. Вам предстоит вращать уровень и решать головоломки.

Особенности игры:

  • Приключение с вращением уровня
  • Удобное управление
  • Сложные уровни
  • Физика, двери, ключи и ловушки.

В игре вам предстоит плавно вращать уровень и прыгать через препятствия.

Project Introduction

Rotatex 2 is an independent story with new adventures. You have to rotate the level and solve puzzles.

Features of the game:

- Adventure with level rotation
- Convenient operation
- Challenging levels
- Physics, doors, keys, and traps.

In the game you have to smoothly rotate the level and jump over obstacles.

About Developer

We are a small group of friends and enthusiasts working on the creation of games.

We work as a team of 2 people, sometimes we attract artists. We are 1 participant in St. Petersburg, 2 participant in Hamburg. We have been working since 2017.