Project Introduction

There are a huge number of universes and one of them is Primitive World.
Squares are peace-loving people who farm and mine.
Triangles are strong and treacherous warriors who hold all other worlds in awe. They're busy developing new territories and enslaving the local population.
Such is the case in this story.
General Trang, the brutal warlord Triangles attacked the farming village of Squares. He captured the entire population and sent them to the mines.
In the village lived an unusual Squire, called Hookie, and the story is about him. He was able to free himself and begin his journey.

Save your friends from captivity and be rewarded.  The hero has a super ability his super rope with a hook like a spider web.

  • Click on the screen to get hooked;

  • Release the screen when you need to unhook;

  • Jump and fly;

  • Cling and jump over all obstacles;

  • Pick up the keys and open the captive cages;

In Rope and Hook game you are waiting for:

  • Interesting and rather uncomplicated mechanics;

  • Atmospheric levels;

  • Unique character skins (currently in development);


The game was meant to be a hardcore arcade game, and the levels were made as complex as possible, to pass which you had to play some time to understand the basic mechanics (how to use obstacles, flight physics, the speed of flight). During development we decided to simplify the location of obstacles for a quieter passage.

About Developer

Our team formed in December 2021 for the December 2021 jam. Having done reasonably well at the jam, we decided that we wanted to continue working together. After that, an artist and another developer joined us.

At this point, we plan to release this project and start a new one which is "in line". We will continue to expand our team further. We love playing games, but we love making them even more.