Project Introduction

RoomZ is a survival simulator in a high-rise building during a zombie apocalypse.
The game has to explore many locations: Rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, a dark basement. The gameplay is similar to turn based roguelike games and expeditions. Explore cells, find useful resources, fight zombies.
Turn-based and easy to learn combat will help clear the location from bloodthirsty zombies.
All this is necessary in order for the player to expand his base, open new floors with workbenches, improve objects and create more and more resources and weapons that will help him descend into the darkest corners of the basement.
Coming soon in the game:
- A full story about the causes of what happened
- Survivors: Search, Rescue
- Text quests similar to Obsidian RPG games

About Developer

We are a small studio made up of game dev veterans and just good people.

We love games, we want to create something unique and amazing. What we ourselves would like to play.

We do not like clones and do what we ourselves like.

Composition of the team (4 people):

  • Producer \ Game Designer \ Programmer

  • Artist \ Animator

  • Producer \ Art Lead

  • Programmer