Project Introduction

Robots Of Apocalypse is a mobile arcade game in which the player has to manage a garage that regularly suffers from attacks by enemy robots. in order to protect the garage and survive more and more waves of enemies, an upgrade system is provided. The storyline is divided into chapters, where each chapter has 15 levels, at the end of each chapter the player has to defeat the boss to move on to the next chapter. The beginning of each chapter starts with an introduction video, which tells about the storyline of the game.

About Developer

We are a young team from Minsk, consisting of 3 people. All free time, our left hand presses the keys on the keyboard, and the right hand squeezes the mouse, creating interesting projects! Without any jokes, we are true fans of our business: Vlad - Unity; Veronica - Ui / 3d; Max - 3d / Animation.