Indie Cup W’21

Robo Shredder


Main Idea

Just run away from the circular saws, they won't let you get bored.

Main Description

Your robot is outdated and ended up in a mechanical waste disposer, you will have to prove the opposite and change the status with "high-tech" if you succeed. First you need to get out of this trash can, this is half of the trouble, let's see how you go through the security system, communications, warehouses, workshops and much more before you get to it ... Yes, yes, to the one who rules all this "ball".

About Developer

It all started with the Warcraft 3 map editor made his first map back in 2005, threw in a bunch of troops and watched as they knocked each other down) then he began to delve into triggers, after which we went all sorts of RPGs in the style of Lineage 2, where can we go without it. survivors, taver defenses and so on, he even made his own city)) scored many times on the editor, there were other things, but again and again he returned with increased enthusiasm, once won a tournament in the Vk group, for fun he saw something about drunks) then he started trying to do something in a unit, anrial, there was nothing that did not work, everything seemed too confusing. in short, I threw the whole thing. After a while, I began to take an interest in the development of games again, already in an enhanced mode. I stumbled upon this competition in the Vk group - Game Development. And here I am with my first game, hello everyone) Full of ideas, I want to develop further in this direction, if you have any suggestions please write, I will be glad.