Project Introduction

The main mechanic of the game is using the hooking claw to grab gold, diamonds and other treasures from the underground. The claw is also useful for avoiding different kind of obstacles on the way: sharps, ground pits, chain gates, rolling stones and bombs, rockets, falling stalactites etc.

Player should be careful while grabbing items, as there are also electric cables in the ground that can damage his vehicle and dynamites that can destroy valuable items around it.

By collecting resources player earns coins which can be used to upgrade different parts of the current vehicle or for buying a new one.

The goal of the game is to reach as far as possible in the endless randomly generated level, enjoying the process.

About Developer

Our team consists of two people who really love what they do, not thinking about this as a job:

Zoreslav - idea, game design, programming;

Vladimir - creativity, graphics, animation.