Project Introduction

There is silence on the cosmic station somewhere in deep space. ...

You started in a small docked ship with save capsules for scientists. First you must select your tactics. Using force for enemies is not best idea. You not are a terminator even if use tank or droid but you can try. Alternate is barricade of enemy territory or using traps or tricks to avoid enemies.  Remember refuel your ship before your take off.

This game inspired old  ideas, style and elements of Zx-spectrum Games Rescue (1986), Colony by Mastertronic and M2K by me.

Original game idea is extended additional items, weapon,item and suit system,  computers with additional elements. This is still cosmic station, we can order ship with equipment - why not?

All graphics and elements and animation redrawed with modern animators. M2K engine using powers of Lua and Love framework, draw 10+ new maps and many content. See list artists and music in Authors page on game.

Steam remote play supported, LAN no supported.

Coop works only on local PC using 2 keyboards or 2-3 pads (PS3 controller or Xbox-one supported)

Coop works with two modes, in first your select scientist and game much be easier. Just guard him to your ship and done. Easy.    Versus mode - 2nd player select tank, and in any second can reselect another and try eliminate main player.  2Nd player not have inventory.

Map editor included in game. Import from real ZX is supported. Map must be in hobeta format. ($c)

About Developer

I work alone 5 years with M2K engine and game Reskue coding.

Periodically i hire for 1-5 days 5 animators for some details and elements.

Some who  shared info can found in authors menu page in game.