Project Introduction

REPLIKATOR is a top-down shooter with roguelike elements, set in an abandoned space science complex. In the role of one of the mercenaries, you will have to fight against hordes of crazed robots and ectoplasmic monsters.

  • Dynamic battles. You will have to constantly move and aim well to survive!

  • Danger at every turn. Many different enemies and traps will not let you get bored.

  • Dozens of upgrade items. Explore stations looking for new upgrades for your character.

  • Meta progression. In this game, each death will only make you stronger, because after death you will be able to buy permanent improvements for your character and the hub ship.

  • Procedural generation! The location of rooms, enemies and traps, as well as weapons and all items are generated procedurally.

  • Space raccoon! and three more playable characters. All of them differ in starting characteristics, preferred weapons and special techniques.

  • Intriguing story. Explore the abandoned science complex and find out what happened here!

About Developer

Solo indie developer from Russia.