Project Introduction

A twin-stick shooter set in the grim post-apocalyptic world of 17th century Europe, where the player, as an alchemist in armor, has to tear plague mutants to pieces with a gun. By mixing the found reagents in various combinations, the player will be able to create unique abilities, divided into three main types: injections, grenades and explosive amalgams. The hero is infected with a plague, which gradually makes his body and mind mutate, but with the help of alchemy he tries to fight the disease, turning the negative effects of mutations into positive ones and thus strengthening himself.

About Developer

We are a team of 8 passionate people working hard to bring our ideas to life. This game has been in production for 3 years and we've come far enough to say our team is more than a group of colleagues. We have formed a well-rounded, friendly and supportive team of creators, who are ready to bring new thought provoking and action packed game to life.