Project Introduction

A simulator of a hunter for evil spirits, using flint and muzzle-loading weapons.

The main idea is to combine the structure and principles of Diablo I with the combat mechanics of the Resident Evil 7-8 series. Viscous gameplay, degrading parameters of the main character, who needs to recover through sleep and food.

Each expedition to the dungeon must recoup the possible costs of equipment and provisions. Their replenishment is possible in the safe zone of the game HUB - the village. To maintain a high level of vital parameters of the character, it is necessary to spend the night and consume food/alcohol in a local tavern.

The main goal of the game is to go through the dungeons of the cursed church to an abandoned castle to meet its owner.

About Developer

MiroWin - developer of PC/VR games and non-entertainment apps, art outsourcing team.

As a developer of VR and PC games, the studio has been on the market since 2016. The team consists of 32 specialized specialists working with Unreal Engine 4/5. At the moment, we have developed and released 5 of our own game VR and PC projects, which are highly appreciated and rated in stores.

We have been working in the outsourcing services market for more than 3 years and have proven ourselves well during the work with customers from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Estonia and the CIS countries. Thanks to this, we are actively expanding and strengthening the direction of outsourcing services.

MiroWin team includes:

  • Unreal Engine developers

  • game designers

  • level designers

  • tech artists 

  • 2D artists

  • 3D artists

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