Project Introduction

2.5D multiplayer plane dogfight in Soviet dieselpunk setting with fun arcady physics, interactive levels and skill-based gameplay gameplay. Inspired by BT biplanes, Luftrausers and Soldat games.

Simple aircraft controls (throttle and pitch) allow you to quickly jump into the game and perform various tricks and maneuvers.



Endless action

Thanks to the ability to capture enemy aircraft players do not have to go to respawn every time. Expiriencef players will be able to "juggle" planes and always stay in the center of action.

Soundtrack (in development)

Dynamic rock music keeps players on their toes and pushes them to play more aggressively.

Make it personal:

  • Extensive arsenal and abilities.

  • Each plane load-out can accommodate 2 weapons and 2 abilities. Along with a variety of planes differing in handling and combat characteristics, this creates a wide array of possibilities for custom builds and different playstyles.

  • Different types of aircraft differ in their flight and protective characteristics.

Gravity harpoon on the aircraft allows you to grab and throw objects or “stunned” enemy aircraft.

Interactive objects on locations and cooperation: Even if you have lost a plane, you can’t call your own yet, and you can’t reach the enemy one, you can sit in a turret or ride on the roof of an ally’s plane.

A variety of game modes: include both classic small modes in the spirit of dm, tdm, ctf, as well as experimental ones, such as the War of Bases, where, in addition to shooting the enemy team, players collect resources to protect their base and build a bomber.

We don't want to make the game serious (that would be weird in a game where you can take over a plane on the fly), so there will be enough humor and irony here.

About Developer

Dmitrii Raevskii
Founder, game-designer, producer.
Self-made, self-taught game designer and producer.He designs mechanics, prototypes locations and environments.

Evgenii Saveliev
Founder, Lead developer
Had come a long way from an amateur game modder and algorithms & data structures polyglot to a lead developer with background knowledge in computer graphics, databases, and more. Has a lot of experience in developing production-grade software, using a variety of technologies (C++, Go, Java, NodeJS, Python).

Aleksey Dokuchaev
Visual designer & 3D artist
Made his dream come true when he found himself engrossed in the CG industry and art industry. Has a maniacal drive for self-improvement. Was working on graphical assets for games Population Zero and Shadow Fight Arena.